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Hello my name is Duane and I'm a addict, I'm addicted to fishing, the problem is I don't want to stop. Be sure to checkout my Blogs to see what I've been up to!!

I know some people think a lure is a lure, but I really like hearing from my customers that they are catching more and or bigger fish using my baits, that makes all the long hours well worth it to me.  

I'm busy making up 5 1/2" Chunky Salty Bass Sticks and 10" Lizards for Lake Baccarac, but I'm not to busy to fill any orders anyone might have. 

Orders keep on coming in, got to make a couple bag's of 6" Swimmin Shad, several bag's of 5 1/2" Dying Shad, 10" Lizards, 4 1/2" Crawdad's and many more. Keep them coming. 


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Sorry I haven't blog anything lately, but as much of you know I got burnt bad on June 15th 2011, for those that don't know, I spilt 2 cups of 350 degree plastic, burning the inside of my right leg, across small strip across my right foot and then my whole left foot, I spent 1 week in the Burn Center in N.C., and then a few weeks in bed before I was able to start pouring again.

But know I'm alot better and pouring like crazy, I've sent 5,000 pcs of my new 5 1/4" Swimmin Salty Bass sticks to C. FL were the bass are eating them up.