Welcome to the Team Duanes Custom Baits page. Here you will be able to meet our staff that bring you the best handcrafted soft plastics on the market. Please Find us on social media and ask any questions about our product or fishing you desire.

Duane Robinson Founder and CEO
Duane Robinson : Founder And CEO of Duanes Custom Baits, Pounds VA
Anthony "spanky" Horton: Prostaff , website and social media manager, Greenville NC
Nina Williams : Prostaff , Little Rock Arkansas
Justin Cornett: Prostaff, Blackey KY
Chris Cook : Prostaff, Whitesburg KY
Andrew Roberts: Prostaff- NY
"Big" Jon Lessmann: Prostaff- AL
Eddie Planck: Prostaff-OH
Dilan Erath: Prostaff- IL
Dan Erath: Prostaff- IL
Paul Collins: Prostaff-KY
Craig Smith: Prostaff-FL
John Andrew Drew JR: Prostaff-GA
Josh Feilds :Prostaff-SC
Gary Burkhart: Prostaff- KY
Jeff Coots: Prostaff-KY
Tyler Fields: Prostaff-TN
David Haft:Prostaff-OH
Brian Phillips: Prostaff-TN
Todd Grice : Prostaff-TX
Shane Robbins: Prostaff-NC
Mathew Bierman:Prostaff- IL
Tyler Cole: Prostaff-IO
Derek Mussari:Prostaff -NJ
Heather Goins: Prostaff- NC
Scott Davis:Prostaff -AR